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The Culture Locker

The Culture Locker is here to provide a positive influence and discovery of black-owned businesses. The purpose is to embrace the culture of African American entrepreneurship as a start to economic change.


We, "The People", simply cannot shop black business if there isn't a source to make us all aware of what is out there being offered.


Here at The Culture Locker, our overall mission is to connect our audience directly to our black business professionals. TCL is for ALL to source its content regardless of race, status, or location and to conduct business of the black/minority culture .

We seek to bridge the gap with turnkey solutions:


Web consulting, consistent brand awareness, directing web/social media traffic, effectively showcasing the latest products, services, and educational content exuding primary focus on the black culture. 

Knowledge of black business starts here at TCL!

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CEO - Founder

Maalik B.


Demitri B.

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